Agility results fore Chakmani's Black Diamond of Norway "Tim"
Owner: Markéta Korintová, Czech Republic Kennel "od Cenicka"
Tim have fullfied conditions to get to the A3 class, next competition he will run in SA3!!!!

04-05.07.08 Mladá Boleslav
We took part on an European Championship in Flyball !!
Tim ran with the team HOP TROP HURRICANE in the 5th division and the team won the second place!!!!!!!!
There were 7 teams in the 5th division!! Tim got a new title Fly21 (that means the team run for 21 seconds)!!

I am so proud of him!!

Best wishes Markéta

25.5.2008 Jahodový pohár Judge: L.Pánková
Jumping -
SA2 -!!!!!
See him in action here:

03.05.08 Flyball tournament Eager´s cup
Tim and his team HOP TROP HURRICANE were in the 3.division on the sekond place!!
You can enjoy some of our runs here:

23.03.08 Agility: Tim - SA3!!

2.-3.2.2008 Judge: Antonín Diviš, CZ Handler: Martina Podeštová Saturday

Saturday:     Sunday:
SA2 –     SA2 –
Agility –     Agility – DISK
Jumping –      

Tim's team started in 2. div. and became no. 4!

15.-16.09.2007 Championship of Czech Republic 2007
judges: Ritva Heralla / Hannele Lummeranta (Finnland)
Agility from 64
Jumping from 64

Both days SMALL - rom 64!!!!!!!
CACIAg. from 30

18.08.2007 Agility results Czech Republic

judge: Jitka Novotná, handler: Martina Podeštová
Agility - !!!!!
Jumping - DISK

30.6.2007 Agility cup – Klášterec nad Ohrí, dommer: E. Plíštilová, handler: Martina Podeštová
Agility: DISK

Tim and Martina has qualified for Agility Championship of Czech Republic 2007!!!!!!

24.6.2007 Flyball Cup – Letnany, Tsjekkia

Team Tim & Ninja (border collie, blue merle colour) in the first division!!!!!

more pic:

19.-20.5.2007 Strawbery Cup - Kladno judge: Yveta and Roman Lukác, SK  

Agility: from 37 !!!!
Jumping: DISK

Tim with Martina:
SA2 - from 22 !!!
Agility - from 40
Jumping - from 40
Tim and Baldric (french bulldog) - from 35

08.05.07 Kennel Cup - Praha- Brezineves judge: Antonín Grygar, CZ

Tim med sin handler Martina Podeštová
jumping -
SA2 -
Teams - (with papillon bitch Chilli (Inachis Io Sol Edo) and her handler Jitka Lebedová=

25.03.2007 Agility Kyje judge: Jitka Novotná, Handler: Martina Podeštová

SA2 - from 22
Jumping 2 - from 19

Owner: Markéta Korintová,
Czech Republic
Kennel "od Cenicka"

Agility – Tim is now in SA2!!!!!

Chakmani's Black Diamond of Norway "Tim"
Eier: Markéta Korintová, Czech Republic Kennel "od Cenicka"
6.1.2007 Louny, dommer Antonín Grygar CZ
7.1.2007 Louny, dommer Antonín Grygar CZ
SA2 -
Agility –

22.10.2006 TOP CUP INDOOR 2006, dommer: Claude Beullens (LUX)
Chakmani's Black Diamond of Norway - "Tim" ble Nr 1 Sřndag og vant hele Agility Cupen!

Gratulerer Marketa!

Tim "in action"