Chakmani's Showteam 2011
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Puppy   Junior class   Junior class
VanGelis D`Fere
Puppy BOB
  Chakmani's Beauty Queen
Ex, CCq
  Chakmani's Tingeling
2 CAC, she need 1 CAC to be a Champion
Open class   Open class   Champion class
Chakmani's Alejandro
3 CAC, he need 1 CAC to be a Champion
  Chakmani's Can Can
1 CAC, he need 2 CAC to be a Champion
  N uch Chakmani's Haute Couture
Champion class   Champion class   Champion class
N uch Chakmani's Angelita   NS uch Chakmani's Recepi For Success   N uch Chakmani's Miss Amira
Champion class   Champion class   Senior class
N uch Chakmani's Enrique   Nuch VanGelis´Carte D'or   N uch Chakmani's Shakira