In memory of my first dogs..........

My first Papillon was Rosita.


When I was 10 years I saw some pic. of Tore Ryen's Papillon's in a magazin, I decided I wanted a dog like that!
Rosita came at my home in Autum 81, we drow to Trondheim to get her home.
In 82 saw in the newspaper ther would be a dogshow in Trondheim so we wantet to try.
Rosita got a secound prize becourse she was overshot..... judge was Paul Stanton.
Rosita did not have puppies becourse of her bite.

Rosita dob.12.08.81 - 21.03.95
Mignon - Mimosa

Breeder: Julie Polle, Jonsvatnet

12 years   Our first dogshow
NKK Trondheim 1982,
Judge:Paul Stanton.
Rosita got 2. prize, she was overshot.

My secound Papillon vas Gitte, she became my first Champion and the mother to my 2 first litters.
In 89 I wanted a new Papillon for showing, we got in touch with Mangos Kennel at the show in 82
so we phoned her to be put on her waithinglist for a femalepup.
Then finaly in November 89 Gitte was born, we could drive an pic her up in Januar 90.


NSuch Mango's Gay Gitte dob .09.11.89 - 21.06.04
NORDuch Silenzio's Mc Coy - Mango's Gay Ginny

Breeder: Gerd Eva Varslot, Verdal


My third Papillon vas Iselin "Klompen"
Iselin was the sweetes and happyest pup I have seen, with the most dainty expression you could wich for....


NSuch Mango's Dainty Dream
dob.27.06.92 - 2001
INT NSuch Mango's Which Wizard - Nuch Mango's Dainty Doll

Breeder: Gerd Eva Varslot, Verdal

Tanita was the 4th Papillon I got
Tanita got 11 CAC! but did not get the last INT CAC so she could be a Chapion....
She had the greates temperament, she was a "turbo Pap" could never sit still, wanted to lick eyes, eares and nose if she could...


Mango's Tanita dob.12.07.94 -Juni 2007
INT SNuch NV-88-89-91 Wåranz Swedyana Milou - Nuch Mango's Mad Maritza
Breeder: Gerd Eva Varslot, Verdal

Maritza came to my home when she was 5 years
Whan she got her last litter we boughte Tanita with the sire CH Wåranz Swedyana Milou som far.


Nuch Mango's Mad Maritza dob.21.03.88 - 2002
NORDuch Mango's Bowie - Nuch Mango's Michelle
Breeder Gerd Eva Varslot, Verdal

"Pus" was from my secound litter, daughter of Gitte
My special princess.............


Chakmani's Gay Gloria dob.21.12.95 -17.10.04
INT SNuch NV-90 Mango's Dainty Distinction - NSuch Mango's Gay Gitte

Pippi my first homebred puppy and homebred Champion, and really spesial!

Pippi Januar 2005
Chakmani's Gay Glamour dob.19.09.94 - 19.09.08
INT SNuch NV-90 Mango's Dainty Distinction - NSuch Mango's Gay Gitte

- Top winning female nr.6 i 1996
- Top winning female nr.3 i 1997
- Top winning female nr.5 i 1998
- Top winning female nr.4 i 1999
- Top winning female nr.10 i 2000

- Norwegian Champion in 1996 fore Svein Helgesen, Norway
- Swedish Champion in 1996 fore Kenneth Edh, Sweden
- BOB &BIS-4 fore Bob Brampton, England only 11 months!
- Winner of "Best head" at our vårt Open Show'97.
- BOB & BIS-R-Veteran fore Carlos Saevich

- Puppy results:
Nuch Such 5 8 10 7 BIG-2 2xBIS-4